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20/05/2024 Data Debrief

Clock Ticks Down on ETH ETFs

Crypto and equity markets are surging following a reassuring inflation report. In other news, CME is reportedly planning to launch crypto trading, the Senate voted to kill a controversial crypto accounting policy, and 400+ financi...

  • CEX

    27/07/2023 Deep Dive

    Breaking Down Worldcoin's Launch

    Worldcoin’s launch was one of the most unique and controversial in recent years. Much of the controversy stems from the understandable skittishness with Worldcoin’s goal (creating a global identity network) and sci-fi-like methods of achieving this goal (eyeball scans). This has been nicely summarized by the MIT Technology Review here. I’ll instead focus on why this launch was unique by analyzing tokenomics, trading, and liquidity.

    Written by Riyad Carey
  • Bitcoin

    24/07/2023 Data Debrief

    Altcoin Dominance Hits 4-Month High

    The SEC finally responded to the Ripple ruling, asserting the case was “wrongly decided,” contributing to a slight pullback for altcoins amid a wider rally. This week, we explore Bitcoin dominance, centralized exchange concentration, the Arkham token launch, and bearish bets against BNB.

  • DeFi

    20/07/2023 Deep Dive

    Deep Dive: EthCC Edition

    This week we have a special edition of our research dedicated to EthCC. The Kaiko team gave three technical presentations exploring market concepts, looking at Uniswap V3 LP trading strategies, market manipulation on centralized exchanges, and the importance of liquidity data in DeFi.

  • XRP

    17/07/2023 Data Debrief

    XRP Volume Surpasses BTC Following Landmark Ruling

    Markets are soaring after a judge ruled in (partial) favor of Ripple’s case with the SEC. Meanwhile, Celsius’ CEO was arrested for fraud, Binance laid off 1,000 workers, and Multichain is shutting down.

  • Stablecoin

    13/07/2023 Deep Dive

    The State of Stablecoins

    This week, we explore the state of stablecoin market structure to better understand their systemic importance to cryptocurrency markets. We’ll focus on the top five stablecoins by market cap: USDT, USDC, BUSD, TUSD, and DAI.

    Written by Clara Medalie
  • DeFi

    10/07/2023 Data Debrief

    Celsius Liquidations Could Pressure Altcoin Markets

    Despite a drop in overall crypto activity, BTC has traded consistently above $30k for the longest stretch of time since early 2022, bolstered by the possibility of a Blackrock spot ETF approval. Meanwhile, Binance lost several key executives and Gemini filed a lawsuit against DCG.

  • Ethereum

    06/07/2023 Deep Dive

    Is stETH Liquid Enough?

    This week we examine stETH’s liquidity and leverage in light of its increasing usage on DeFi protocols.

    Written by Riyad Carey
  • Bitcoin

    03/07/2023 Data Debrief

    Lowest quarterly volume since 2020

    Crypto markets closed the quarter on a positive note despite trade volumes remaining at historical lows. Last week MicroStrategy confirmed that it  bought 12.3k BTC throughout Q2, Coinbase was named as the surveillance partner for Fidelity and other BTC spot ETFs.

  • Liquidity

    29/06/2023 Deep Dive

    Q2 Liquidity Ranking for Crypto Assets

    This week we provide a Q2 update to our crypto asset liquidity ranking. The recent SEC lawsuits have directly impacted the liquidity of assets identified as securities, and our ranking breaks down the changes. We then compare each asset’s liquidity score to its market cap.

  • Bitcoin

    26/06/2023 Data Debrief

    What's Driving Bitcoin's Rally?

    Crypto markets are booming following a wave of ETF applications in the U.S., a welcome bullish catalyst in a much-battered region.

  • Lending

    22/06/2023 Deep Dive

    CRV, Aave, and the Art of Liquidation

    This week we use lending and borrowing data to explore an extremely large position that raised some red flags last week.

    Written by Riyad Carey
  • Tether

    19/06/2023 Data Debrief

    The Data Behind Tether's Depeg

    Crypto markets made slight gains this week after the Fed decided to pause interest rate increases, a bullish signal for risk assets, and Blackrock filed for a spot bitcoin ETF, a surprise move amid a tough U.S. regulatory environment.

  • Liquidity

    15/06/2023 Deep Dive

    Q2 Crypto Liquidity Update

    Welcome to Deep Dive! This week we provide a Q2 update on crypto market liquidity, looking at the recent Tether depeg, a big buildup of a CRV position on Aave, and how the SEC’s rulings are impacting centralized liquidity.

  • CEX

    12/06/2023 Data Debrief

    Market Makers Flee Binance.US

    What a week. Binance and Coinbase were each hit with major lawsuits by the SEC, causing heavy volatility and an altcoin sell-off. In other news, Tether invested in a BTC mining company, the Arbitrum network stopped for one hour, and Australia’s largest bank will limit crypto transactions.

  • Binance

    08/06/2023 Deep Dive

    The Data Behind the SEC's Big Week

    This week we’ll examine volume and liquidity data related to the SEC’s charges against Binance, Binance.US, and Coinbase.

    Written by Riyad Carey
  • Privacy

    05/06/2023 Data Debrief

    The Fraught Future of Privacy Tokens

    Bitcoin whipsawed over the past week, closing lower on Sunday after a mixed U.S. jobs report. In industry news, Binance appointed a possible CZ successor as regional director, Celsius has deposited $745 million of ETH into staking contracts since June 1, and Coinbase’s derivatives exchange will offer new BTC and ETH futures this week.

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