Introducing: The State of LATAM Crypto Markets

  • CEX

    06/06/2024 Deep Dive

    Exchange Liquidity Lowdown

    This week we will take a closer look at the liquidity component of our exchange ranking. We look at what’s driving top exchanges liquidity between volume and market depth, and how to replicate those liquidity metrics with Kaiko’s Data.

  • Bitcoin

    22/02/2024 Deep Dive

    Examining the On-Chain Footprint of BTC ETFs

    This week, we explore the on-chain transactions surrounding the BTC ETFs.

    Written by Riyad Carey
  • Liquidity

    24/08/2023 Deep Dive

    Comparing Liquidity on Uniswap and Binance

    This week we’ll take our first in-depth look at Market Depth on CEXs and on Uniswap V3 with a comparative approach. We’ll mainly focus on liquidity distribution across prices and markets, aiming to enhance our understanding of liquidity dynamics and provide you with tools to harness the potential of CEX/DEX data. In today’s trading landscape with DEXes gaining market share, knowing which exchanges or pairs offer optimal trade execution is crucial. Kaiko’s depth data makes that possible.