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Latest Insights

  • Ethereum

    29/05/2023 Data Debrief

    72% of ETH liquidity is concentrated on 5 exchanges

    Bitcoin gained some ground early on Monday as U.S. lawmakers reached a debt ceiling deal in principle. Hong Kong confirmed it will allow retail traders to trade certain crypto assets starting June while the Digital Currency Group (DCG) closed its trade execution and prime brokerage units, citing bear market and regulatory uncertainty.

  • Liquidity

    25/05/2023 Deep Dive

    LDO's Shifting Market Structure: Unveiling Asset Metrics

    This week we are excited to reveal Kaiko’s brand new Asset Metrics product, which aggregates liquidity and volumes for all assets across all exchanges. Using LDO as a case study, we’ll show how this product is a game changer for understanding a crypto asset’s market structure.

    Written by Riyad Carey
  • Tether

    22/05/2023 Data Debrief

    Why is Tether's market cap approaching all time highs?

    Bitcoin lost some ground this week, down about 2%, as crypto trade volumes slipped to yearly lows. In other industry news, Digital Currency Group missed a $630 million payment owed to crypto exchange Gemini last week, the SEC responded to Coinbase’s lawsuit and Tether announced it would start buying BTC with 15% of its excess profits. In this week’s Debrief we explore:

  • Stablecoin

    18/05/2023 Deep Dive

    Stablecoins: Does Trust Really Matter?

    After the events of 2023, Tether has become the dominant stablecoin, despite being the least trusted. In this week’s Deep Dive, we explore whether this is evidence that trust is a lower priority for crypto investors, who seem to prefer peg stability, liquidity and versatility more.

Latest Analyst Calls

  • 23/05/2023

    The Current: May 2023

    In the May edition of The Current, we explore ETH liquidity and market structure, changing global patterns in trade activity, stablecoins and the rise of USDT, and lending and borrowing protocols.

  • 18/04/2023

    The Current: April 2023

    In the April edition of The Current, we discuss the market impact of Ethereum’s Shanghai upgrade, the state of liquidity, Binance’s drastic drop in market share, and a deep dive into Korean market structure.

  • 21/03/2023

    The Current: March 2023

    In the March edition of The Current, we explore the impact of the banking crisis on crypto market structure, DeFi’s reaction to the USDC de-peg, and more.



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