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08/04/2024 Data Debrief

All Eyes on the Bitcoin Halving

Welcome to the Data Debrief! BTC had a shaky start of the new quarter, closing last week flat before surging above $72k early Monday. In other news, DeFi protocol Ethena airdroped its ENA token, Ripple announced a stablecoin, and ...

  • Asia

    26/10/2023 Deep Dive

    한국 암호화폐 시장 리서치

    This week we explore the South Korean crypto market and the rise of Upbit, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world for altcoin trading.

    Written by Riyad Carey
  • Asia

    26/10/2023 Deep Dive

    Exploring the Korean Crypto Market

    This week we explore the South Korean crypto market and the rise of Upbit, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world for altcoin trading.

    Written by Riyad Carey
  • Bitcoin

    23/10/2023 Data Debrief

    The Impact of a Rumour

    BTC is trading above $30k for the first time since August. Last week, a lot happened on the legal front: The SEC decided not to appeal the Grayscale decision and dropped its lawsuit against Ripple executives while the state of New York sued DCG and Gemini. Otherwise, Coinbase listed perpetual futures and Binance re-gained Euro access.

  • Liquidity

    19/10/2023 Deep Dive

    Understanding Centralized Exchange Liquidity Data

    This week we take a step back to explain some fundamental concepts around Kaiko’s liquidity data.

    Written by Riyad Carey
  • Liquidity

    16/10/2023 Data Debrief

    Ethereum Reaches Staking Equilibrium

    Welcome to the Data Debrief! BTC recovered from two-week lows early Monday, closing the week flat ahead of the third week of SBF’s trial. Last week, star witness Caroline Ellison took the stand, providing new details into how Alameda Research used FTX customer funds. This week, we explore:

  • CEX

    12/10/2023 Deep Dive

    What's Happening at Huobi?

    Detailing unusual activity on HTX, beginning by exploring the exchange’s relationship with Poloniex, then moving to trading volumes, its USDT-USDC pair, and transactions with Binance.

    Written by Riyad Carey
  • Ethereum

    09/10/2023 Data Debrief

    Why is ETH underperforming BTC?

    Bitcoin briefly hit a 2-month high over the weekend, crossing $28k amid a volatile macro news cycle and turmoil in the middle east. Meanwhile, week two of the SBF trial begins today, Visa tapped Solana for USDC settlement, a Swiss startup issued a tokenised security on Coinbase’s Base network, and six new ETH ETFs received a lukewarm reception. This week, we explore:

  • Liquidity

    05/10/2023 Deep Dive

    Breaking Down Q3's Top 5 Trends

    It was a pretty quiet summer in crypto markets, with low trade volumes and even lower volatility. Yet, there were plenty of big events that kept the industry chattering. This week, we present our top five trends of Q3.

  • FTX

    02/10/2023 Data Debrief

    Looking Back on FTX's Impact

    Bitcoin started Q4 on a positive note, hitting multi-month highs this morning after closing September in the green for the first time since 2016.

  • Liquidity

    28/09/2023 Deep Dive

    Q3 Token Liquidity Rankings

    We’re back with another edition of Kaiko Research’s quarterly liquidity ranking, this time enhanced with more metrics and expanded to the top 40 tokens. As mentioned in previous rankings, it’s our contention that market capitalization is a flawed metric, and a ranking of liquidity is more representative of a token’s true value. Let’s see how the tokens fared this quarter before breaking down the components that went into the ranking.

    Written by Riyad Carey
  • Ethereum

    25/09/2023 Data Debrief

    ETH, One Year Post-Merge.

    Bitcoin remained range-bound over the past week despite a hawkish Fed meeting that caused equity markets to shudder. Meanwhile, Mt Gox postponed its creditor repayment deadline, Balancer suffered yet another attack and Bybit announced it will suspend its UK services. This week we explore:

  • FTX

    18/09/2023 Data Debrief

    Will FTX Liquidations Trigger an Altcoin Crash?

    BTC made some early morning gains, crossing $27k for the first time since August 31. This capped a volatile week triggered by concerns around FTX’s altcoin liquidations. In other news, Deutsche Bank will offer crypto custody for institutional clients and the ECB hiked rates to an all-time high.This week we explore:

  • DEX

    14/09/2023 Deep Dive

    Beneath the Surface of Uniswap Pools: Just-in-Time Liquidity Revisited

    This week we take another look at justintime liquidity, a little-studied phenomenon that has generated $750bn in liquidity event volume on Uniswap V3 this year.

    Written by Riyad Carey
  • Liquidity

    11/09/2023 Data Debrief

    Liquidity Remains Flat Amid Low Volatility

    It was another low-volatility week for crypto markets, though plenty still happened. Visa expanded stablecoin settlement to Solana, the London Stock Exchange Group is exploring plans for a digital asset business, and three DeFi protocols were hit with CFTC enforcement actions.This week we explore:

  • Liquidity

    07/09/2023 Deep Dive

    The Crypto Liquidity Concentration Report.

    We are back this week with a brand new crypto liquidity analysis. Using trade volume and market depth, we find that the majority of liquidity is concentrated on just a handful of exchanges.

    Written by Clara Medalie
  • XRP

    04/09/2023 Data Debrief

    Bitcoin ETF Decision Ignites Volatility

    Markets pulled back after the SEC delayed a decision on several ETFs until October. In other news, Coinbase’s Base blockchain continues to see strong activity, the SEC settled with an NFT issuer, and a judge called ETH a commodity.

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