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Latest Insights

  • Liquidity

    28/09/2023 Deep Dive

    Q3 Token Liquidity Rankings

    We’re back with another edition of Kaiko Research’s quarterly liquidity ranking, this time enhanced with more metrics and expanded to the top 40 tokens. As mentioned in previous rankings, it’s our contention that market capitalization is a flawed metric, and a ranking of liquidity is more representative of a token’s true value. Let’s see how the tokens fared this quarter before breaking down the components that went into the ranking.

    Written by Riyad Carey
  • Liquidity

    07/09/2023 Deep Dive

    The Crypto Liquidity Concentration Report.

    We are back this week with a brand new crypto liquidity analysis. Using trade volume and market depth, we find that the majority of liquidity is concentrated on just a handful of exchanges.

    Written by Clara Medalie
  • XRP

    04/09/2023 Data Debrief

    Bitcoin ETF Decision Ignites Volatility

    Markets pulled back after the SEC delayed a decision on several ETFs until October. In other news, Coinbase’s Base blockchain continues to see strong activity, the SEC settled with an NFT issuer, and a judge called ETH a commodity.

  • Stablecoin

    31/08/2023 Deep Dive

    Defining Depegs: A New Metric for Stablecoin Stability

    This week we present a novel method for measuring the severity of stablecoin depegs.

    Written by Riyad Carey

Latest Analyst Calls

  • 26/09/2023

    September Analyst Call: The Bitcoin ETF

    Markets are soaring and crashing on any news around a spot BTC ETF. In our September analyst call, we explore the market impact looking at trade volume, liquidity, and derivatives activity.

  • 25/07/2023

    July Analyst Call: The Future of Altcoins

    What is the future of altcoin markets following the landmark Ripple ruling? Join our expert analysts for an in-depth exploration on all things altcoins. We’ll discuss global trends in volume and liquidity, the impact of the Celsius liquidations, DeFi and liquid staking tokens, and much more.

  • 20/06/2023

    June: Binance, Coinbase, and the SEC

    The Kaiko Research team explores the latest SEC lawsuits and market impact on the world’s largest exchanges in their June monthly analyst call.



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