Conor Ryder, CFA is Research Analyst at Kaiko and covers liquidity, derivatives market structure, and macro trends. He can be contacted at

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  • Stablecoin

    18/05/2023 Deep Dive

    Stablecoins: Does Trust Really Matter?

    After the events of 2023, Tether has become the dominant stablecoin, despite being the least trusted. In this week’s Deep Dive, we explore whether this is evidence that trust is a lower priority for crypto investors, who seem to prefer peg stability, liquidity and versatility more.

  • Derivatives

    04/05/2023 Deep Dive

    The State of Crypto Derivatives

    This week we’ll provide an update on all things crypto derivatives and look at how perpetual futures are increasingly driving price action in markets.

  • Binance

    20/04/2023 Deep Dive

    The Binance Effect

    This week, we explore how Binance influences global patterns in trade volume in light of their reintroduction of fees on most BTC pairs, aside from TUSD which is now the largest stablecoin by BTC volume on Binance.

  • Liquidity

    06/04/2023 Deep Dive

    Q1 Liquidity Ranking For Crypto Assets

    This week we are providing a Q1 update to our Liquidity Ranking Model for Crypto Assets, highlighting the winners and losers along the way.

  • Liquidity

    23/03/2023 Deep Dive

    The State of Liquidity in Crypto Markets

    Liquidity is all the talk in financial markets at present, and crypto has seen its fair share of liquidity incidents this month. We explore market depth, spreads, slippage and volumes to bring you up to date with all things crypto liquidity.

  • Liquidity

    09/03/2023 Deep Dive

    The Scramble for Silvergate Alternatives

    Last night, Silvergate decided to voluntarily liquidate, leaving the crypto industry scrambling for banking alternatives. Today, we explore the implications of Silvergate’s collapse on cryptocurrency markets and the viability of alternative fiat on-ramps for institutions and exchanges.

  • Liquidity

    23/02/2023 Deep Dive

    A Crypto Friendly Asia: What It Will Mean For Markets

    This week, reports emerged that Hong Kong could soon enable retail investors to trade certain cryptocurrencies. Will Asia lead the next bull run as US regulators continue to clamp down? What will this mean for Asia-based crypto projects and exchanges? How do indices play a role? We dive into the narrative and explore its ramifications.

  • Liquidity

    09/02/2023 Deep Dive

    How to Spot Artificial Volume

    Often times investors are left scratching their heads when they see a small exchange high up the volume ranking on certain websites. The assumption is that some, or a significant amount of these volumes figures are artificially inflated by wash-trading on that exchange. This week, we present a framework that can be used to spot cases of wash-trading, pointing out potential examples of our own on the way.